who we are

Bonnie Sue Ercolano
President / National Marketing Director

After I graduated high school I began as a receptionist working for an accounting firm which I continued to do for 13 years. Earning over $30,000 per year was excellent pay for that position, unfortunately, the stress around tax season was too much for me. After complaining about it for many years, I finally decided to start my own company, The Future of Health Care, Inc. and to pursue my passion in the health and wellness industry. My company now does 2.5 Million dollars per year in sales and I earn a substantial income! Based on my educational background, no company would ever pay me what I earn today. This business has afforded me the opportunity to spend more time with my two young daughters as well as work with so many wonderful people, who I now call “family”.

Rick Ercolano
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
National Marketing Director

I began my career in Insurance and Investments on Wall Street which lasted 3.5 years. I then started my own financial planning business which I ran for 11 years. I was introduced to a new concept of marketing products and building sales teams. Now with more than 30 years experience in direct sales and marketing, I have developed a large team of distributors with our parent company NSA and have reached the position of National Marketing Director. As Vice President of Sales and Marketing of FOHC, Inc., I continue to work with doctors, health professionals, and people from all walks of life, integrating the importance of nutrition into their lives. I educate those who wish to join my team and help them realize better health and financial security. My wife, Bonnie Sue, and I enjoy working from our home, allowing us more family time with our four daughters.